Normal Delivery Video omen, delivery of low bleeding

Normal Delivery Video omen, delivery of low bleeding
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Palm is one of the most nutritious fruits. It can be counted as both fresh and dry fruit. Trees on the trees are more delicious. But due to bad deterioration, it is dried in the sun. The weight of the dried

Normal Delivery video

How to Remove Tthe Pregnancy

Normal Delivery Video Youtube

the date goes down 35 percent. Nutritious elements are rich in dates. It provides natural sugar in the form of glucose and fructose. This sugar is quickly absorbed in the body, so it is better than normal sugar. The quantity of cholesterol and fat in the date is low, so it is also considered an ideal fruit. Dates also provide relief in many types of problems that occur to pregnant women. It strengthens the walls of the uterus so that delivery is easily and bleeding is also less.

Mechanism Of labor

Normal Delivery of baby video Indian

According to Greek opinion -
Dates strengthen kidney and urinary system. Disorders of chest and lungs But keep in mind that only four to five dates should be eaten throughout the day. Giving them more may cause gum to blossom.
Normal Delivery
labor room

Benefits -
Removes weakness.
Reduces blood pressure
Fiber is rich, which provides comfort in constipation.
Nervous keeps the system healthy.
It is helpful in fighting bowel and stomach cancer.
Cholesterol decreases. Improves the eyesight Anemia removes energy levels.

What do you get 100 gms in date
Water - 22.50 gms
Energy 275 Kcal
Protein - 1.97 grams
Total lipid (fat) - 0.45 g
Carbohydrate - 73.51 grams
Fiber - 7.5 g
Carbon - 1.58 grams
Calcium - 32 milligrams
Iron-1.15 milligrams
Magnesium - 35 mg
Phosphorus - 40 mg
Potassium - 652 mg
Sodium - milligram
Vitamins - A, B, B2, B12

Normal Delivery Tips in Tamil

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