People Change Quotes a widow bribe, he gave to everyone AIDS

13 people demanded from a widow bribe, he gave to everyone AIDS

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The news is old, but it is going to question our society and government system. There is a village in Gorakhpur district of UP, Bhathat. There are 13 people who have AIDS. All of them have only one reason for AIDS. bribe. Before you make a puzzle of AIDS and bribe, read its background.

People Change Quotes

About six years, a 24-year-old bride was married to this village. The husband lived in Mumbai. There used to work in a factory. Three years after the marriage, he died. There was no child. There was no one to help.

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He thought that if the ration card and widow pension get, then it will be very convenient. For this, how he got all this, he asked for help from an expert. That person was an employment servant. The employment servant took the woman to the head. The principal introduced him to the secretary. Apart from these three, nine middlemen also met him. Everyone promised to help. Said, will work. Just give a little bribe

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If we have to work, then we have to sleep with us. Perhaps this woman is left with only a fodder. He made the connection The 13 people who had AIDS had exploited her for the help of women. Had sex with him.

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All this continued for nearly three years. These 13 people kept taking 'bribe' from him. Keep on exploiting him. Then about three months ago that woman became sick He told the chief. Pradhan got treatment with a neo-hakim. The advantage is not anything Then there was a blood test taken to a doctor. When the report came, the head of the head became a shadow. The woman had AIDS, all the people who took a bribe, got the sensation.

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BRD College was re-examined. The result of the investigation was also the same. This news spread to the village. All the people who had sex with him for the help of help, everyone made their own test. Thirteen people were found HIV positive

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That woman might have had this disease with her husband. Perhaps the death of her husband may also be due to the same illness. He did not know anything about himself. Those who take 'bribe' will not even think that something like this can happen. If this disease had not happened in the middle, then the matter may not be disclosed.

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Nobody has ever known that a single woman has to pay a huge amount to get the necessary government help, such as ration card and widow pension. For every few kilo grains that are available every month, it has to sleep with 13 people. They have to be exploited in their hands.

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People are saying that those who did the same, got the same punishment. Saying that the result of karma is found in this life. It may be that these things are right in the case of 13 people. But what was the mistake of that woman that she got AIDS from her husband? Then many people were exploited by their hands. And when these 13 people had sex with their wives in the meantime, would the condom be worn? It's one percent does not even seem to be expected. So these women have also become victims of AIDS. Without fault?

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