Air Force will know tainted missile, 6 young martyrs

Air Force will know tainted missile, 6 young martyrs, on their own helicopter, anger
Air Force will know tainted missile, 6 young martyrs, on their own helicopter, anger
There is such a disclosure, which is shocking, it is also going to get angry.  In this case, the officers of the Air Force have done such a rude care that the cost of the six brave soldiers of the country had to be paid as martyr.  Yes, it is learned that the Mi-Mi-17 helicopter crash of Air Force, during the conflict of Indo-Pak on February 27, the day after the Balakat air strikes, was on the target of its own army missile.  This was because the Indian Air Force blown its Mi-17 helicopter as a Pakistani plane.  In this crash, 6 soldiers aboard the helicopter were killed.

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 Let me tell that between 8 and 10.30 on the morning of 27th February, 8 Indian Air Force jawans had gone to stop the 24 Pakistani Air Force personnel of F-16.  F-16 had crossed the LoC and was targeting the Indian Army.

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 According to the news of NDTV, "On February 27 there was no doubt about the outcome of the launch of an Israeli-made spider and surface-to-air missile from Srinagar Airport.  Indian Air Force has been convicted in this case, due to which the investigation has taken a little longer time. "

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 Now the Air Force sources said that the senior officers of the Airbase have been removed for the fair investigation of the accident.  According to the sources, it is also being investigated whether the helicopter's identification of friend or daughter (AIFF-DASTA or enemy detection system) was closed.  The OFFF radar helps identify whether the plane is of enemy or country.

 Now the Indian Air Force will complete this investigation in 20 days.  After the investigation all the evidence will be presented simultaneously and action can be taken against those convicted in this incident. In this accident, 6 soldiers of the Indian Army and one civilian died on the ground.  The case of non-intentional murder can be initiated under the military law of the Air Force Act 1950.

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