can pregnant women eat pizza South African man in Bengaluru; beaten up, denies medical help

The woman is said to be from Telangana and came to Bengaluru for work.
In Bangalore, a man from South African nationality allegedly abused his pregnant girlfriend and when things became very serious, they did not allow him to seek medical help.

can pregnant women eat pizza

  The woman is said to be a resident of Telangana and came to Bangalore for work.  Unable to take the torture, he contacted Vanitha Sahayani's family counseling center Parihar last week.  There were injuries to his body, including his stomach.

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  He was allegedly stopped by a 26-year-old South African citizen, who was forced to give the child without medical assistance.  When he escaped from the clutches of an insulting person, he was five months pregnant.  He had gone to his parents for the first time in Telangana, but after learning about his pregnancy, he threw him out.
  According to The Times of India, the victim is not the first woman, whom she has caught and tortured.  He first tortured an Iranian woman in Bengaluru in the same way.  He refused his medical aid, while he was trying to give his child.  Immediately after giving birth, she left the city with the child.

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  Through information provided by Parihar, the police found that the person (whose name has expired) has terminated his visa in the country.  She met the victim during the dinner in Eastern Bengaluru, she loved him and went with him last year.  In January this year things became worse, when they came to know that she is pregnant.  After torturing him for four months, he announced that the child is not his own.

can pregnant women eat pizza

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  Bidya Johan, counselor of the victim, said, "After pregnant, she kicked her on the stomach when she was pregnant and refused treatment with her. She did not go through any test or scan to know if her fetus was healthy"  .
  Foreign Regional Registration Office is now conducting an investigation and it has come to know that the accused's visa had expired a few years ago.

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